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Dept of Defense

Linking job seekers from the military community
 to employers who have jobs in Hawaii

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The Joint Employment Management System (JEMS) mission is to support the military community in Hawaii by offering a quality resource tool to improve family income and satisfaction through increased opportunities for employment. JEMS is a unique, family readiness initiative funded by Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam to help active duty, retirees and family members' efforts find employment. JEMS provides this support by being an advocate for job seekers from the military community and serves as a central point of contact for businesses to reach these job seekers. JEMS produces an on-line job bank for jobs in Hawaii and sponsors an annual job fair.


In the early 1980s, the Department of Defense recognized the need to provide the military community with career planning and job search assistance due to the continual demand on military families to secure gainful employment in geographical areas that were often unfamiliar to them. Each branch of the service was tasked with establishing a program or offering services within their family support centers to provide employment assistance.

Forward thinking representatives from all branches of the military services in Hawaii got together in 1986 in an effort to expand and enhance their employment assistance services. These representatives realized that Hawaii offered a unique environment in which they could create a centralized point of contact for the business community to reach job seekers from the military community--thus JEMS was established. JEMS was tasked to produce a computerized job bank to list employment opportunities in Hawaii and to sponsor an annual job fair.

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Military & Family Support Center (MFSC)
Joint Employment Management System (JEMS)
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